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Striker Ice Jacket (Floating) - 21740
Striker Ice Jacket (Floating) - 21740
Striker Ice Jacket (Floating) - 21740
Striker Ice Jacket (Floating) - 21740
Striker Ice Jacket (Floating) - 21740

Striker Ice Jacket (Floating)

Item #: 21740
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Price: $69.99

    Striker Ice Suits Rock!

    Designed for the discerning ice fisherman the Striker Ice jacket offers extreme weather protection along with Sureflote buoyancy assist material all wrapped up in a highly durable waterproof/breathable shell. The technical features incorporated into the Striker Ice jacket have raised the bar on the competition.
    Striker Ice Jacket -  It Floats!
    2011-12 Model Closeout (Quantities Limited to Stock on Hand)


    Get the best available ice fishing jacket on the market today! The Striker ICE (heavy version) has all of the features you could hope for! And it floats! Why consider any other brand? Striker Ice suits are the hottest brand going!


    • 600D Endura 3000/3000 Waterproof/Breathable outer shell
    • 100% seam taped
    • Sureflote buoyancy material throughout jacket
    • 175g Thermadex insulation
    • 360 degree reflective material
    • YKK 2-way heavy duty (10 gauge) front zipper
    • Underarm zip vents
    • Shock cord drawstring at waist and hem provide superior adjustability
    • Expandable cargo pockets
    • 2 exterior D-rings for accessory attachment
    • Removable hood with memory wire visor
    • Soft Touch inner neck collar for comfort
    • Extended Lycra inner wrist cuffs
    • Velcro adjustable stretch cuffs at wrist
    • Left sleeve key pocket
    • Quick access pockets with interior D-rings for attaching safety picks
    • Heavy duty storm flap protects front zipper from wind and water
    • Napoleon pocket accessible without opening front zipper
    • Inner cell phone and zippered breast pockets
    • Soft Touch side access hand pockets

    Check out the photos showing how this suit provides flotation assistance. Note that there is no "cheating" with multiple air pockets created by tightening all pull cords. The 235 pound fella even can float with only the bibs! Now that's comforting to know. Some floating images show the Striker Ice Lite version. which has the same amount of Sureflote. Stay Alive- Get Striker ICE.

    Some sizes are sold out.

    HYDRAPORE 3000

    HYDRAPORE system technology is specifically designed to provide maximum protection against extreme weather elements. HYDRAPORE has a superior 3000/3000 rating for resisting water penetration and for breathability.



    Thermadex brand thermal insulation is designed for use in outdoor active wear where light weight, superior insulating performance and minimal loft is required. Thermadex provides a high level of warmth in active applications such as in alpine skiing, snow boarding, snowmobiling and nordic skiing. Thermadex provides warmth, softness and breathability without the bulk.
    • Microfiber Construction
    • Thin, Low-Loft Density
    • Ultra Light in Weight
    • Breathable Technology


    SUREFLOTE is made from expanded low density polyethylene foam that traps air in closed cells constructed into multi-layer membranes to create internal air pockets for added buoyancy. The SUREFLOTE membrane is moisture resistant and provides superior user mobility and added protection in the extreme cold. The combined jacket and pant/bib with SUREFLOTE provide flotation assistance for up to two hours for an average person. SUREFLOTE is designed to provide added buoyancy to a person's body weight for flotation assistance. An average sized adult needs 7-12 lbs of buoyancy to keep their head afloat. Suits with the SUREFLOTE system are designed to provide approximately 10-12 lbs of buoyancy depending on size and style.

    Important: SUREFLOTE is Not Coast Guard Approved. This item is not approved by the Coast Guard as a personal flotation device or life preserver. SUREFLOTE may be rendered ineffective in adverse conditions such as strong water currents. The SUREFLOTE system does not protect against hypothermia in extreme cold water.

    Chest 38 - 40 40 - 43 43 - 46 46 - 49 49 - 52 52 - 55 55 - 58
    Waist 30 - 32 32 - 34 34 - 36 36 - 38 38 - 42 42 - 46 46 - 50
    Striker Ice Suit Review

    Our staff has tested the Striker ICE jacket and bibs in the field in extreme cold conditions and compared its performance to Vexilar Cold Snap, Frabill, Clam Ice Armor, Clam Extreme and Arctic Armor brand suits and 100% of them voted the Striker ICE suit the best in overall quality and warmth. Striker ICE has also been evaluated by semi-pro tournament ice fishermen and has been selected as the best available on the market.

    Striker Ice is by far the best choice in ice fishing apparel. Waterproof/breathable, under arm venting, multiple cuff inseam settings and it floats! Look carefully at all of the features offered by other brands and compare. This brand is a winner. If you are comparing the standard suit to the Ice LITE version, the LITE version has half of the insulation and half of the weight. If you plan to be in the extreme cold for prolonged periods, opt for the heavy. If you plan to be in and out of ice houses or in moderate climates, consider the LITE.
    If you do lots of hiking, you may opt for the Lite version- unless you want to lose some serious weight from sweating like a marathon runner.

    Detailed Review:

    Designed for the discerning ice fisherman the Striker Ice jacket offers extreme weather protection along with Sureflote buoyancy assist material all wrapped up in a highly durable waterproof/breathable shell. The technical features incorporated into the Striker Ice jacket have raised the bar on the competition. With that being said, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

    We sell Clam Ice Armor, Vexilar Cold Snap and Arctic Armor ice fishing suits. We started carrying the non-floating Striker Ice suits last year. Last season the response was phenomenal. We had one customer loan his suit to a sick buddy who dozed off for four hours while laying directly on the ice. He said he never got cold, even though it was in single digits. The non-floating Striker Ice suits lack only a few features compared to the new floating version. There is not a removable hood on the jacket and the bibs do not have a beverage holder. The cuffs only have a two way setting for length adjustment. There are some other minor differences in the pockets but not noticable. The non-floater is a very fine suit that appears to be warmer and better built than the Clam extreme suit, and that is saying alot.

    Now for the new floaters. Do they really float? Well we didn't want to jump into an icy lake to test them but the photos on the Striker Brands website and others seem to tell the story. Just to be sure, we checked in with Shawn at Striker Brands to get the skinny on the flotation. He said that the Striker Ice floating suits have the Sureflote Flotation Assist System, which is comprised of multiple layers of Sureflote film in the jacket and the bib. The Sureflote provides about 10-12 lbs of flotation. The average person needs maybe 8-10 lbs of flotation and the Coast Guard requires 17 lbs of flotation for a PFD. Check out the photos and you can see that the suit floats without artificially adding all the air pockets by stringing all the cords to be fully tight. Besides, if you only have the bibs on, chances are good that they will do the job by themselves. The guy in the photos weighs in at 235 so it lookd like it will do the job to us!

    The guys at Striker Brands come from a snowmobile design background and they have been involved with making snowmobile suits for almost a decade.

    As we all know, the problem we often have with cold weather gear is how to get the same heavy outfit to be tolerable while hiking across a lake. It doesn't take long before you are drenched from the inside out! So the trick is to figure out how to get the heat and moisture out when you need it out while later being able to close up to hunker down sitting practically idle for hours in the cold trying to keep warm. Now add in the layers of flotation material which is non-breathable and you have a real dilemma. The Striker Ice team figured out how to tackle this huge issue with a proprietary venting system. This design is unheard of in the fishing world, much less the carhartt world. The Striker Ice Jacket has underarm zippered vents and a unique inner venting system to "drain" moisture that may accumulate between the shell and the flotation material. These hem vents appear at the inside hem and at the inner cuffs and work to release trapped excess moisture. If you don't think this is a big deal think of what kind of nasties can grow inside the shell of a non-vented jacket. Yuck! As for the bib, you have a built in 3-way leg zipper to allow you to zip open as much as of the leg as you want. The other brands offer neither of these advanced systems.

    OK, so what other features stand out in the new Striker Ice Suits? In the jacket, the hood is removable so you can wear it for other stuff like shoveling. There is a wireform built into the brim so the hood doesn't sit on your nose all day. Shape it and forget it. The shell is made of waterproof and breathable fabric (heavier shell fabric on the regular vs the LITE) at 3000/3000 rating, this stuff is rated almost as high as PU coated Goretex! Pockets where you need them magnetic  closing storm flap and even a key pocket in the sleeve. Now put the jacket on and you will notice the lycra inner cuff on your wrist providing a very comfortable feel with a positive cold air stop. There are chest compartments for ice picks too. For better fit, the jacket has two inside draw cords for fine tuning adjustment.

    The Striker Ice Bib is a piece of work (positive). I already mentioned the 3-way leg zipper. There is also the EZP front zipper. As the acronym implies, the bib zipper on the Striker Ice bib is lowered by 2 inches to make it easier to do your duty after enjoying a few beverages on the ice. Again, there are magnet closures on the storm flaps. Perhaps the coolest thing on the bib is the built in beverage holder. This handy doodad pops out of the right pocket compartment and swings down so it works if you are sitting or standing. It looks like it is sized perfectly for a beer can. Hmmm. Last but certainly not least is the awesome triple play cuff. When we saw this we couldn't believe it. The cuffs or inseam starts out at something like 34 or 35 inches, depending on the size. Each leg can be shortened by either 3 inches or 6 inches. Wow! So this bib can handle the tall guys, the average guys and the short guys without the retailer having to handle shorts and talls!

    There are two floating suits offered by Stirker Ice- the regular suit and the LITE suit. The regular is more of an extreme suit that floats. It has 175g of Thermadex PLUS the Sureflote material, making it arguably the warmest outfit on the globe. The LITE suit has a lighter weight fabric shell, has a little more contemporary design and has slightly less Thermadex insulation. It has a softer feel and appears to feel a little larger in size due to the lighter weight. I know what you are thinking- the LITE is for the sissies down south and will never do the job up north where we don't see zero for days. The way we see it, this suit has 100g more insulation than Arctic Armor and should be warmer then the blue Ice Armor suit because of the Sureflote material. So we would guess that the LITE is good for maybe 15 below. If you want, you can always layer up. The heavy, or regular suit, should do the job to minus thirty with no problem. That being said, we would suggest the LITE suit if you are a walker and the regular suit if you are a sitter. Of course it also depends on your weather conditions and what you wear underneath. Either way, you can't go wrong with Striker Ice! It is far ahead of everything else that it commands special recognition. And the price seems fair too!

    Cold Rating:

    If we were to rate the ice fishing outerwear we sell or have sold in terms of relative warmth, we would rate them as follows (from least warm to warmest):

    • Vexilar Cold-Snap
    • Arctic Armor Std
    • Ice Armor Blue
    • Arctic Armor Plus
    • Striker Ice Lite
    • Ice Armor Extreme
    • Striker Ice Non-Float
    • Striker Ice Heavy

    This rating is very subjective!


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